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Regional Council

IU Council for Regional Engagement and
Economic Development (CREED)

Connecting Indiana University’s vast intellectual and creative assets with strategic opportunities that foster economic growth in Indiana is a statewide initiative that requires engagement across our campuses. To that end, the IU Council for Regional Engagement and Economic Development (CREED) was born.

Chaired by the vice president for engagement, CREED will be instrumental in identifying, through ongoing dialogue, how IU can bring its resources to bear to enhance economic development efforts—and in establishing an enduring forum that addresses regional economic concerns. The council members include a delegated representative for each campus, appointed by the chancellor.


The Regional Economic Development (RED) Fund supports seed-specific regional economic development initiatives. The CREED RED Fund assists IU campus entities that submit qualifying funding proposals, which are reviewed by CREED representatives. The CREED RED Fund has already granted several awards.

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