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Tech Park and Corridor

A unique technology corridor at Indiana University Bloomington is cutting a fresh path for economic development and growth in Indiana.

The Indiana University Technology Park and Corridor cups the northeast perimeter of the Bloomington campus. With roughly 1 million square feet of developable space along nearly two miles of the 45/46 bypass, the corridor proves that IU is agile, nimble, and ready to respond quickly to economic opportunities and attract private sector development.

At the northernmost end of the technology corridor is the Cyclotron Building, home to the IU Health Proton Therapy Center, one of only nine proton therapy centers in United States and the first in the Midwest. The proton beam is generated by IU’s cyclotron, which, over the past 30 years, has helped facilitate a distinguished research record for IU nuclear physicists and nuclear chemists. Soon, the area will welcome the next generation of research, technology, and start-ups with a business incubator and the new IU Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter.

To the east, a cluster of cutting-edge new business and technology resources is taking shape.

The Cyberinfrastructure Building (CIB) is the newest player in the tech park and models the innovation it will unquestionably inspire. The designated “social hub” of the park, CIB will bring together all of the university’s IT talent into its 123,000 square feet and allow them to collaborate in a 250-person reconfigurable, multipurpose space. In addition to its team-friendly architecture, the building heralds the future of smart buildings at IU through power savings, daylight harvesting, and other measures aimed at earning the building silver, if not gold, LEED certification.

CIB places that IT talent in close proximity to the wealth of IT resources and research that already populate the park. The IU Innovation Center is a 40,000-square-foot facility designed to house information technology enterprises and life science companies and to meet their need for web lab capabilities. The IU Data Center is home to “Big Red,” IU’s supercomputer, and is slotted for expansion in the near future.

All along the corridor, opportunities are bristling and buzzing, ready for the imagination, talent, and investment they need to move Indiana technology and innovation into the future.

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