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Under the leadership of Vice President Bill Stephan, the Office of the Vice President for Engagement connects Indiana University’s resources and expertise with key constituencies through collaborative partnerships, strategic communications, and targeted programs, events, and services.

Bill Stephan

As the state’s largest public research university, Indiana University recognizes as a core obligation its responsibility to actively engage in the life of the state to serve and benefit Hoosiers.

Bill Stephan, Indiana University vice president for engagement

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We’re passionate about finding practical ways to meet the needs of real people. We work closely with leaders of industry, community and regional partners, and IU faculty to enhance the economy and quality of life in Indiana. The initiatives we support are part of the commitment to excellence that sets IU apart.

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Education-to-Employment Convergence

Join us next spring for the annual Education-to-Employment (E2E) Convergence, a statewide forum focused on ensuring a smooth education-to-employment transition for Indiana college students.

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80%of Hoosiers are within an hour’s drive of an IU campus

$50,000+RED Fund grants awarded since 2011

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250,000+IU graduates live and work in Indiana