Economic Engagement

We help shape economic growth in the state

Indiana University and the daily lives of Indiana residents are inextricably intertwined. As the state’s largest public research university, IU engages in Indiana’s economic growth as a responsibility and an obligation to its citizens. Each IU campus plays a critical role in contributing to the economic vitality of the state.

The goal of the Economic Engagement area is to ensure that IU is a primary driver of economic development in Indiana. We’re responsible for coordinating and connecting the university’s intellectual and creative resources with strategic opportunities that foster the state’s economic growth.

We provide resources and expertise for startup businesses, help secure research funding for IU faculty, and collaborate with business and government leaders to align our educational programs with the workforce needs of the state.

Statewide Impact

From the number of alumni living in a certain region of the state to the university’s spending by county, the data on the interactive site is designed to provide useful economic information about the university’s reach and its significant investments. The site’s dynamic and intuitive design allows visitors to select a county or region, with associated data appearing alongside a statewide map.


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