Philanthropic Venture Fund

Bringing IU innovation to the world

To help Indiana University’s innovators and entrepreneurs transform their ideas into new products, services, and companies, IU has created the Indiana Philanthropic Venture Fund. This open-ended evergreen fund makes equity investments in early-stage companies that have strong ties to IU, including:

  • Companies based on IU discoveries
  • Companies founded, co-founded, or led by IU faculty or alumni

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About the Philanthropic Venture Fund

The Philanthropic Venture Fund was established in 2018 by IU Ventures and the IU Foundation to help achieve one of the university’s Bicentennial Priorities, Building a Prosperous and Innovative Indiana. Managed by IU Ventures, the fund aims to bridge the gap in the startup funding continuum by making equity investments in high-potential early-stage companies with IU ties.

IU has committed $11 million to the fund, with the goal of raising $50 million from alumni and supporters of the university. The proceeds from successful investments will be returned to the fund, where they will be used to support more new companies.

The funding process

Investment criteria

The Philanthropic Venture Fund invests at the seed and early stages. Its areas of focus include IU’s traditional strengths in the life and health sciences as well as emerging opportunities in areas such as engineering, cybersecurity, quantum computing, big data, and data analytics.

To be eligible for funding, companies must:

  • Have a strong connection to IU.
  • Be in the science and/or technology sectors.
  • Be positioned to attract smart money and management.
  • Have potential to multiply IU Ventures investment at exit.
  • Have potential for positive impact on society.

Selection process

The first step in seeking funding from the Philanthropic Venture Fund is to share some nonconfidential information with us about your company and then speak with a member of our team. Funding decisions are made by IU Ventures Investment Committee.

Start the process

By translating IU discoveries into new products, services, and companies, the Philanthropic Venture Fund will help build a prosperous and innovative Indiana.

Tony Armstrong, president and CEO, IU Ventures

Support the Philanthropic Venture Fund

An older man mentoring a younger man in the operation of a machine.

From making a financial contribution to mentoring an emerging entrepreneur, there are many ways IU alumni and supporters can get involved with the Philanthropic Venture Fund and help the next generation of IU entrepreneurs achieve success.

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